Introducing Uprise: raising the bar for connectivity in MDUs

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The new Plume Uprise suite of services empowers CSPs, property managers, and building owners to deliver and manage a comprehensive set of secure, reliable, and personalized tenant connectivity services

Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) represent a significant proportion of European¹ and U.S.² homes, yet CSPs and property managers today are challenged to provide reliable connectivity services—such as consistent, high-capacity WiFi—and assign and manage access credentials in these environments.

Until now, competitive solutions to solving these issues have been difficult or cost prohibitive to implement. Physical site surveys, retrofitting existing cable wiring embedded in building infrastructure, and limited software services are all hurdles to rapidly lighting up a building with delightful connectivity experiences for tenants and property managers alike.

As the world’s first cloud- and AI-powered connectivity and management solution designed to meet the unique needs of MDUs, Uprise™ enables property managers and Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to provide highly personalized customer experiences while reducing costs through unmatched hardware choice and lower CAPEX.

How Uprise works

For tenants, Uprise enables users to personalize their internet experiences through the HomePass® and WorkPass® apps; trusted applications already delivering adaptive wireless connectivity and AI-driven cyber-security to over 43 million locations. Uprise constantly performs sophisticated load and interference management, as well as clustered optimizations for reliable and consistent connectivity throughout the MDU. This is true even in mixed-use buildings where small businesses are operating in the same area as residential tenants. 

What will this mean to a tenant? Optimization algorithms intelligently group units together by proximity, allocating bandwidth where needed. So, if one tenant is facing an afternoon of Zoom calls while another is streaming video games at the same time, Uprise will intelligently distribute bandwidth to support steady, strong, and secure connectivity for all parties involved. Similarly, when the coffee shop in the same building gets busy in the morning, tenants’ WiFi won’t suffer. 

Uprise includes three main services:

  • Harmony™ uses optimization algorithms purpose-built for MDUs that provide unrivaled performance by proactively minimizing WiFi interference in densely populated spaces.
  • Hub™ is a tenant lifecycle management web interface with APIs that enable both network monitoring and tenant management across individual and multiple properties.
  • Places™ allows for the configuration of a private property SSID for building IoT and employees’ devices, and an open community SSID for tenants and guests. This enables separation of data traffic between common areas and residential networks, while providing a clear view of the network for monitoring and management.

Perks for CSPs

CSPs get all the benefits of HayStack®, a back-end software suite that helps manage the subscriber experience. Plume also offers Harvest®, a data-driven network insights and campaign automation software tool to drive growth. Uprise also includes a variety of application programming interfaces (APIs), which can easily and seamlessly connect to back-end systems.

Managers or administrators can choose between a bulk-pay scenario (which covers the whole building), or individual pay options, where tenants choose a CSP that offers Uprise.

Benefits for building managers

Building owners and property managers now have a new way to differentiate their MDU offering from competitors. Property managers will find Uprise makes it easier than ever to get new residential and small-business tenants connected after move-in (and disconnected at move-out). Hardware can be recycled from tenant to tenant and setup is simple. Options include LTE back-up for uninterrupted service, PoE+ for secure and convenient mounting, and WiFi 6 capabilities for greater speeds and network capacity. An intuitive, award-winning interface means that both managers and tenants can monitor and manage network settings.

Uprise also provides property-management employees (and their IoT devices) with a devoted, secure network that offers them an additional layer of protection and peace of mind. Finally, Uprise makes it possible for building managers to provide connectivity in common areas like lobbies, gyms, or pool decks.

“Uprise marks the beginning of a new and exciting phase in the development of Plume’s products. We have leveraged and further advanced our technology to address problems, such as inconsistent internet connection, fragmentation of systems, and high costs, that have long affected the MDU market. Our new and easy-to-deploy solution will truly empower property managers and CSPs to provide a leading and personalized customer experience, delivered with the highest degree of flexibility and hardware independence.” — David Huynh, Chief Product Officer, Plume

Watch an exclusive video on the benefits of Uprise with Plume's Chief Product Officer, David Huynh.

Uprise is available for deployment in all of Plume's markets globally. Get in touch with one of our experts to learn more about this exciting new product.